the talk

My long distance relationship is taking all my time

I haven't been in a serious relationship in a few years and recently started dating someone. She lives in a different city (about an hour or 1.5 hrs apart) and we've been spending about 3 days a week together. Basically, I feel like this is too much time, or at least more than I want right now, because when we're together we don't get anything done other than spending time with each other (I'm a student).

I thought marriage was forever

My partner and I have been married for 6 years and we have been going through a rough patch. We got to talking about things yesterday and she said to me that even though things are hard she 'still wakes up and chooses to be with me each day.' I was shocked. We are married… I didn't realize that being together was a choice or that not being together was even on the table. I'm not even sure what to think.

To call or not to call him?

I've been seeing a guy for a while now, we get along great and have a lot of fun when we go out, about twice per week. The thing is, when I call him, he always seems pre-occupied, or busy. He can never talk for very long either. I feel like I want to bring it up with him but I'm not sure if I should.