single parent

My Ex Wants Me Back But I’m Already Dating Somebody Else

I'm very conflicted. I was seeing a man about a month ago and there was very large single miscommunication between us which led to our splitting. He was quite a bit older, had a child, and a busy job, very attractive physically. Not to mention, our chemistry was amazing, we enjoyed similar things, had the same outlook on life and topics, we had a lot of fun together and I saw potential with him despite age. We also had a rule that if we were sleeping together, weren't pursuing or sleeping with other people. I haven't really stopped thinking about him since we ended really because I didn't understand what happened as there were so many empty spots.

Where can I meet women in Victoria?

I'm a single, 38 year old man working on getting myself out there to meet women. I live in Victoria and I'm wondering if you have any advice for where to start? I've heard it's hard to meet people in Victoria, and since my hobbies are pretty limited to work and my children, I could use some help.