Could we have an open relationship?

I have been in a relationship for a little more than a year. I do LOVE my girlfriend, but I'm still a man. Sex - over a year into the relationship is outstanding... at times she initiates sex with me - fun. She tells me that I make her feel SO good. She is LOUD in the bedroom.

How do I tell her I just want sex?

I just met a woman who I knew I wasn't going to date based on her personality, and we slept together. I didn't feel super bad about it because she just got divorced and seemed to be enjoying her freedom. We've been continuing as it started, just sleeping together and having fun.

When she says yes but means no

I've been seeing a girl for a few weeks and we've both had a lot of partners so we made the decision that we wouldn't have sex until we've been together for two months to make it special. Sometimes when we're making out, though, she is pulling at me and taking off my clothes, telling me she wants me. It makes me crazy, and it feels like she has changed her mind.

How often can I masturbate?

I enjoy masturbation and when I'm single, I've done it every day, sometimes multiple times per day. Now that I'm in a relationship, I'm worried about a couple of things. First, my past girlfriends have had a problem with me masturbating, saying that they feel bad that I would rather do it myself than be with them. While this isn't true, that I have ever been aware of, I always feel guilty doing it, and like I have to hide my sexuality. Second, I'm worried that it might be true, that if I masturbate, I'm not going to want her, and it will cause problems for us in bed.

Losing Interest in Lovers

I have a pattern of dating around a lot and seem to constantly find myself hooking up with people I'm not all that interested in. At first, they intrigue me, but my curiosities about them don't last for long. Usually, I'll end up sleeping with them, then realize that I'm not interested in them.
I've wondered whether one way of resolving this is by being clear with people that I may only want sex. The trouble is that I'm not always sure that I'm only after the sex, since I'm also looking for connection.

No physical affection?

In the past couple of years the men who asked me out were sexually aggressive, and some eventually admitted they were sex addicts. These guys weren't into me and would stop calling me. Now, something different is happening. I've gone on 3 dates with a man and he doesn't touch me. We've talked, gone to movies/dinners, walked along the ocean. He opens doors for me, calls me up, but no kiss, not even a hug.