How do I move on?

This is not a magical formula for moving on, but rather a break up reality check and an acknowledgment that moving on is complex, but not impossible.

He stopped texting after we met in person

I met a guy through an online dating app about a month ago. It turned out he lived just under 3 hours away in Seattle. We hit it off immediately! Soon after we were talking everyday about everything and nothing was off the table. Due to some personal issues he couldn't come into Canada so we arranged for me to go to him. My rationalization was that, by the time I actually got to see him we would have been talking for just under a month via, text and phone and Facebook. Our phone conversations always lasted more than an hour to even up to 4 hours some nights. So I bought a ticket and he offered to pay 100 towards my travels in order for me to stay an extra night.

My long distance relationship is taking all my time

I haven't been in a serious relationship in a few years and recently started dating someone. She lives in a different city (about an hour or 1.5 hrs apart) and we've been spending about 3 days a week together. Basically, I feel like this is too much time, or at least more than I want right now, because when we're together we don't get anything done other than spending time with each other (I'm a student).

How to approach an unapproachable woman?

I don't normally have issues with approaching women that I find attractive, but I have silently walked by the same gorgeous woman 3 times in the past month. Each time she maintained eye contact with me or smiled. I kicked myself the first time for not saying something, and then kicked myself harder the next two times, vowing never to do it again. Yesterday, I saw her. And didn't say anything. I've never been so paralyzed before. Advice?

Common Courtesy

When I make a date with a woman, I attempt to do it in person. If not in person, then I’ll ask over the phone, at the very least. Every now and then, in a world as fast paced as ours, things come up; people cancel plans. It happens. If I make an effort to make plans in person, then I also cancel them in the same way.