I’m interested in dating someone from work

What are your thoughts about dating someone you work with? Seems like a tricky situation. I've heard mixed messages, mainly "don't dip your pen in the company ink." Ironically, this came from someone who's in a relationship with someone from their work. Another example, is a good buddy's girlfriend is due to give birth next month, they met at work.

What is my purpose?

I resonate pretty strongly with the opinions and philosophy that you express here on your site. I love that the first priority of the masculine is to focus on his purpose, but I have a question: how do I figure out what my purpose is?!

I’m always so sad to see him go

I seem to want to spend more time around my boyfriend than he of me. He makes the effort to spend quality time together, I just seem to want much more of that time. When I brought it up today he said he had his "own scene to attend to", which I totally get intellectually. However, my heart is screaming that he spends more time with me, and I notice I get sad when he is getting ready to leave. It is starting to make our partings a bit awkward and not at all like the normal energetics of our relationship. Is there anything I can do to tone down or control these feelings so I'm not so melancholic and grumpy every time he is getting ready to go home?