How do I get my spark back?

I am a wife and mom who has totally lost my “spark” and it’s has been long lost in my marriage. I have been with my husband since my teen years and my journey into my womanhood has been rocky … Continued

Relationship Chemistry Breakdown

I was out at a bar with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago and we weren't having a very good time. Everything started off okay, and as the night progressed, things started to go downhill. There were a couple of creepy type older men at a table near by who kept talking to us, but mostly me, which made me feel uncomfortable, and him too.

What is my purpose?

I resonate pretty strongly with the opinions and philosophy that you express here on your site. I love that the first priority of the masculine is to focus on his purpose, but I have a question: how do I figure out what my purpose is?!

No physical affection?

In the past couple of years the men who asked me out were sexually aggressive, and some eventually admitted they were sex addicts. These guys weren't into me and would stop calling me. Now, something different is happening. I've gone on 3 dates with a man and he doesn't touch me. We've talked, gone to movies/dinners, walked along the ocean. He opens doors for me, calls me up, but no kiss, not even a hug.