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I broke The Rules. Is my relationship doomed?

I started reading Not Your Mother's Rules last night and I think I am really getting an intrinsic understanding of it all, now it is just a matter of not being impulsive and resisting temptation. I would like to know if I have screwed up my current crush, possibility for good?? I was reading in Not Your Mother's Rules that if you make the mistake of talking to/emailing a guy first, you will never know if you were his type. I messaged the guy first on a dating site - does that mean that the relationship would be destined to fail and it is just a matter of when? Or is there a way to back off, create some polarity and purge any bad habits that have been formed by the mistakes that I have made asap? I think you will say to just do the Rules strictly, which of course I plan to make as big of an effort as I can muster, but will the "relationship" always be tainted?

He stopped texting after we met in person

I met a guy through an online dating app about a month ago. It turned out he lived just under 3 hours away in Seattle. We hit it off immediately! Soon after we were talking everyday about everything and nothing was off the table. Due to some personal issues he couldn't come into Canada so we arranged for me to go to him. My rationalization was that, by the time I actually got to see him we would have been talking for just under a month via, text and phone and Facebook. Our phone conversations always lasted more than an hour to even up to 4 hours some nights. So I bought a ticket and he offered to pay 100 towards my travels in order for me to stay an extra night.

Online Dating Rules

I read your suggestions about broadening my circle to meet people. But my friends don't have single men friends they would set me up with. My work and social life doesn't bring me into contact with single men my age either. I'm in my mid thirties. And most of my interests and hobbies don't seem to attract men to them, so I'm really stuck. I was thinking about online dating. How do I use the rules as a woman on a dating site? How do I employ this mysterious feminine polarity you speak of online? Should I sit back and wait for them to come to me? How much active connecting should I do online?

How to get out from behind the computer screen

I'm shy. Hide me behind a computer monitor though, and I have no problem getting that first date, be it via an online dating sites or, dare I say, Craigslist. Which solves the issue of never being able to meet a woman in person or at a club (which is still a problem I guess, but fine with an online bandaid for now).

Shouldn’t dating be left to the fates?

A couple of years ago I signed up for an online dating site called OKCupid. I never ended up making a profile because I decided at that time that I didn't want to meet someone online. I have always had the romanticized feeling that I will bump into my soul mate along my life's journey. Maybe while I am writing in my journal down by the beach or rummaging through a used bookstore.

Confusing Communication

I was communicating with a man for the last month on email through a dating site. He seemed very dynamic--a professional singer, an author, does seminars etc etc. He was saying things like "I fell in love with you at first glance", "I would like to be your one man". But, in terms of meeting me (he lives in San Diego) he kept saying that he had to figure out his schedule. He was fine with doing a long distance relationship (which I was hesitant about) and yet, couldn't seem to find the time!

Dating Site Drama

I know you're philosophy on women taking a mans number, but I think I might have found a loophole! A man that I have been chatting with on a dating site sent me a message saying that he is sick of the drama of the online dating scene, so he's leaving the site and closing his account. He said that he really enjoys talking to me though, and gave me his number, saying that I should give him a call.
I am staring at his number. I want to call it. Help!