moving on

How do I move on?

This is not a magical formula for moving on, but rather a break up reality check and an acknowledgment that moving on is complex, but not impossible.

My Ex Wants Me Back But I’m Already Dating Somebody Else

I'm very conflicted. I was seeing a man about a month ago and there was very large single miscommunication between us which led to our splitting. He was quite a bit older, had a child, and a busy job, very attractive physically. Not to mention, our chemistry was amazing, we enjoyed similar things, had the same outlook on life and topics, we had a lot of fun together and I saw potential with him despite age. We also had a rule that if we were sleeping together, weren't pursuing or sleeping with other people. I haven't really stopped thinking about him since we ended really because I didn't understand what happened as there were so many empty spots.

Can I change his mind about commitment?

What would be the best way to approach a situation where you’re wanting to rekindle something with someone who didn’t want commitment before? Since the guy in question and I stopped seeing each other, I’ve been dating other guys but … Continued

He stopped texting after we met in person

I met a guy through an online dating app about a month ago. It turned out he lived just under 3 hours away in Seattle. We hit it off immediately! Soon after we were talking everyday about everything and nothing was off the table. Due to some personal issues he couldn't come into Canada so we arranged for me to go to him. My rationalization was that, by the time I actually got to see him we would have been talking for just under a month via, text and phone and Facebook. Our phone conversations always lasted more than an hour to even up to 4 hours some nights. So I bought a ticket and he offered to pay 100 towards my travels in order for me to stay an extra night.

When do you stop trying to make it work?

I just dated a woman for a month, but now it ended. She really liked me, and freely expressed it. I had some feelings for her but they were not strong. I mentioned this and that I wanted to see if it would grow, but then she ended it. Should we talk, or go our separate ways?

Should I Message my Crush Online?

This past Saturday night, I was that person - the one who flirts really well with the cute stranger, has a few memorable moments and then gets whisked away by their friends to another locale, leaving the sparkly stranger behind - only to be still thinking about our short-lived relationship days later.

I’m in love with an unavailable woman

There is a girl at work who I absolutely adore and have been in love with from the first moment that I laid eyes on her, which was over two years ago. We have a mutual attraction to each other where we innocently flirt through interaction at work and at social gatherings outside of the workplace.

How do I get over a breakup?

My ex-girlfriend broke up with me more than a year ago and I can't seem to get over my feelings for her. The breakup was sudden, and it left me wanting to say a lot of things that I never got to have the chance to say, and unfortunately never will because I want to respect her decision to not talk to each other. I feel like I've tried everything, but even after I go on a date with another woman, she's right back in my mind.