Confusing Communication

I was communicating with a man for the last month on email through a dating site. He seemed very dynamic--a professional singer, an author, does seminars etc etc. He was saying things like "I fell in love with you at first glance", "I would like to be your one man". But, in terms of meeting me (he lives in San Diego) he kept saying that he had to figure out his schedule. He was fine with doing a long distance relationship (which I was hesitant about) and yet, couldn't seem to find the time!

Common Courtesy

When I make a date with a woman, I attempt to do it in person. If not in person, then I’ll ask over the phone, at the very least. Every now and then, in a world as fast paced as ours, things come up; people cancel plans. It happens. If I make an effort to make plans in person, then I also cancel them in the same way.