Is he worth the wait?

Lisa, I am a twenty-two years young woman who has dated a number of guys I can count on both hands, also having a lot of experience. However, I am currently stuck between a rock and hard place. You see, … Continued

How do I get out of the friendzone?

I've become good friends with a girl (6yrs younger than me, she's mid 20s I'm early 30s) who I play hockey with on a co-ed team. I've know her for 2 years and in that time we've enjoyed each other's company as good friends both on and off the ice. She has a great group of girlfriends (and a lot of guy friends too through playing other sports), and I'm privileged to be considered on of her closer good guy friends.

I’m in love with an unavailable woman

There is a girl at work who I absolutely adore and have been in love with from the first moment that I laid eyes on her, which was over two years ago. We have a mutual attraction to each other where we innocently flirt through interaction at work and at social gatherings outside of the workplace.