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My Ex Wants Me Back But I’m Already Dating Somebody Else

I'm very conflicted. I was seeing a man about a month ago and there was very large single miscommunication between us which led to our splitting. He was quite a bit older, had a child, and a busy job, very attractive physically. Not to mention, our chemistry was amazing, we enjoyed similar things, had the same outlook on life and topics, we had a lot of fun together and I saw potential with him despite age. We also had a rule that if we were sleeping together, weren't pursuing or sleeping with other people. I haven't really stopped thinking about him since we ended really because I didn't understand what happened as there were so many empty spots.

How do I put my wild past behind me?

I am almost 50 and have never been married and have no children. I have been a very independent free spirit all my life. I would describe myself as a creative expressionist who is constantly curious and always working toward finding balance and grace. I am an art teacher and just started online dating. I have been in love and I have had my share of dating american and international men. I am a hopeless romantic and may have been too excited and at times more masculine in my past dating behavior.