Okay, I’m radiant. Now what?

I’m shy. I would rather the man make the first move (for both approaching, asking for a date, and physical affection). However, it seems if I leave it up to him, I don’t seem to get approached. Even when I … Continued

Rule #6: Live Your Life

Where I ramble on for a really long time about how to take the first step away from waiting, postponing, rearranging & renegotiating your life in order to be available for a man.

Rule #5: Don’t Beg

Because phones are ubiquitous Rule #5: 'Don't Call Him & Rarely Return His Calls' is one of the hardest rules to follow. I've got three reasons why you should.

Rule #2: The Hunter Hunts The Deer

Rule 2 is where the modern woman starts to feel a little angsty with The Rules. This time we get into how to cope with sitting back and waiting & why feels so against everything you know.

The Rules Deconstructed

Here begins the journey through the quick and dirty. 'The Rules' is the sort of book you either love or hate, but regardless... there is truth within. Knowingly or unknowingly, Sherrie and Ellen nail the feminine creature to the wall.

Am I too masculine?

I don't want to dumb myself down or pretend to be weaker than I am, but I want men to find me feminine and attractive. I want to experience the chivalry that seems to go away with competing in the professional world. What am I doing wrong!?