When she says yes but means no

I've been seeing a girl for a few weeks and we've both had a lot of partners so we made the decision that we wouldn't have sex until we've been together for two months to make it special. Sometimes when we're making out, though, she is pulling at me and taking off my clothes, telling me she wants me. It makes me crazy, and it feels like she has changed her mind.

When is he going to call?!

I don't meet men very often that excite me, but this weekend a guy that makes me giddy with excitement asked me for my number. We seemed to hit it off, so I gave it to him. This time I'm trying to play it smart and let him pursue me. Having never done this before, how long does it take for him to call me?!

Common Courtesy

When I make a date with a woman, I attempt to do it in person. If not in person, then I’ll ask over the phone, at the very least. Every now and then, in a world as fast paced as ours, things come up; people cancel plans. It happens. If I make an effort to make plans in person, then I also cancel them in the same way.

How often can I masturbate?

I enjoy masturbation and when I'm single, I've done it every day, sometimes multiple times per day. Now that I'm in a relationship, I'm worried about a couple of things. First, my past girlfriends have had a problem with me masturbating, saying that they feel bad that I would rather do it myself than be with them. While this isn't true, that I have ever been aware of, I always feel guilty doing it, and like I have to hide my sexuality. Second, I'm worried that it might be true, that if I masturbate, I'm not going to want her, and it will cause problems for us in bed.

Dating Site Drama

I know you're philosophy on women taking a mans number, but I think I might have found a loophole! A man that I have been chatting with on a dating site sent me a message saying that he is sick of the drama of the online dating scene, so he's leaving the site and closing his account. He said that he really enjoys talking to me though, and gave me his number, saying that I should give him a call.
I am staring at his number. I want to call it. Help!

Waiting for him to call

My boyfriend and I made plans on Sunday to hang out at his place on Wednesday night, but now I haven't heard from him for 2 days since. He usually calls every day or other day or so, and it bothers me that he hasn't called.

I want her to ask me out!

I'm a 32 year old male looking for solid relationship. I'm pretty good looking I think, and I don't have a lot of trouble meeting women. In fact, I've dated a lot over the past couple of years. I've tried dating sites and being set up by well meaning friends, but nothing has really lasted longer than a couple of dates. I can't seem to meet a woman who is really my type, and to be honest, it's wearing me down a little! The part I find the hardest, no matter how often I do it, is getting up the nerve to ask. It's a little nerve wracking, putting myself out there every time. I'd love it if, for once, a woman approached me and did the hard work! What are my chances?