The Rules Deconstructed

Here begins the journey through the quick and dirty. 'The Rules' is the sort of book you either love or hate, but regardless... there is truth within. Knowingly or unknowingly, Sherrie and Ellen nail the feminine creature to the wall.

Is he a liar?

My sister has been dating a man for 4 months now and it has gotten serious very fast. They went from meeting in a park to naming their children in a very short period of time. So last night my … Continued

Deciphering: I’m Not Looking For A Relationship

I've encountered the phrase "I'm not looking for a relationship right now" many times from men, and like many women, proceeded to hop in bed with the guy anyways. The results of having sex is as you would expect: they still don't want to date you even after you put months of time hanging out and sleeping together!

How to get out from behind the computer screen

I'm shy. Hide me behind a computer monitor though, and I have no problem getting that first date, be it via an online dating sites or, dare I say, Craigslist. Which solves the issue of never being able to meet a woman in person or at a club (which is still a problem I guess, but fine with an online bandaid for now).

How do I tell her I just want sex?

I just met a woman who I knew I wasn't going to date based on her personality, and we slept together. I didn't feel super bad about it because she just got divorced and seemed to be enjoying her freedom. We've been continuing as it started, just sleeping together and having fun.

Relationship Chemistry Breakdown

I was out at a bar with my boyfriend a couple weeks ago and we weren't having a very good time. Everything started off okay, and as the night progressed, things started to go downhill. There were a couple of creepy type older men at a table near by who kept talking to us, but mostly me, which made me feel uncomfortable, and him too.

Choosing between two women

I have a problem, albeit a good problem to have. I've been out with two different ladies and had a good time with both. At this stage, I'm not sure which, I like more... Both are attractive and my 'type'. I suppose I need to hang out a bit more and get know them a little better. Any advice?

Make a move or politely ask?

The non-perpetuation of patriarchal shite leads me to believe that I should always ask before making physical advances. There used to be a subtle art I learned in reading cues such that I could know when to touch a cheek, or deftly move in for a dashing first kiss. But now there is the buzz kill of asking. Any thoughts on sexifying this process?

Best Behavior

The man I'm seeing usually treats me very well. Always polite, always engaging, very sincere, but on our last date, he criticized me. At first it was a joke, and then the joke went on until it wasn't funny anymore. I told him that it was too much, and he felt like a huge jerk and apologized.

How young is too young?

Enough 20-somethings are attracted to me that I find myself asking everyone this question... is there a "too young" for a 40-something? (and to drive the question home... what happens when the person I'm dating is the same age as my friend's children?)