Did I pick the wrong guy

I was dating my boyfriend for about 2 years and while in college, then I met someone else while still in the relationship. Me and this other guy were texting and talking and we would see each other on campus … Continued

Am I too needy?

I’m not so long ago divorced from a long marriage that began when I was really young so I’m new to the dating scene. I’ve been seeing a guy exclusively for 8 months and I constantly worry that he’ll feel … Continued

Do I give him another chance?

My marriage ended last September (2016), my ex-husband broke up with me. We were together during 8 years (5 years of dating and engagement and 3 years marriage). The reason he broke up was because I could not trust on … Continued

Cheap Date Night in Nanaimo?

I moved to Nanaimo a few months ago and recently met a girl I really like. We’ve done the dinner and a movie thing and a few desert dates, so I’d love to take her somewhere a little more active… … Continued

How do I get out of the friendzone?

I've become good friends with a girl (6yrs younger than me, she's mid 20s I'm early 30s) who I play hockey with on a co-ed team. I've know her for 2 years and in that time we've enjoyed each other's company as good friends both on and off the ice. She has a great group of girlfriends (and a lot of guy friends too through playing other sports), and I'm privileged to be considered on of her closer good guy friends.

Is it okay to ask a woman out while she’s working?

I am curious about someone who works at a place I go fairly frequently. My first question is that I'm not sure if the curiosity has a romantic component or not and I want to know if it is bad policy to pursue her, even if I'm not sure I'd want to date her.

How do I approach women in bars?

I'm going on a road trip in a couple of days. I imagine we'll be hitting some bars, pubs, etc., could you give me some tips on how to approach women and make them interested?