Is it okay to ask a woman out while she’s working?

I am curious about someone who works at a place I go fairly frequently. My first question is that I'm not sure if the curiosity has a romantic component or not and I want to know if it is bad policy to pursue her, even if I'm not sure I'd want to date her.

I broke The Rules. Is my relationship doomed?

I started reading Not Your Mother's Rules last night and I think I am really getting an intrinsic understanding of it all, now it is just a matter of not being impulsive and resisting temptation. I would like to know if I have screwed up my current crush, possibility for good?? I was reading in Not Your Mother's Rules that if you make the mistake of talking to/emailing a guy first, you will never know if you were his type. I messaged the guy first on a dating site - does that mean that the relationship would be destined to fail and it is just a matter of when? Or is there a way to back off, create some polarity and purge any bad habits that have been formed by the mistakes that I have made asap? I think you will say to just do the Rules strictly, which of course I plan to make as big of an effort as I can muster, but will the "relationship" always be tainted?

Should I Message my Crush Online?

This past Saturday night, I was that person - the one who flirts really well with the cute stranger, has a few memorable moments and then gets whisked away by their friends to another locale, leaving the sparkly stranger behind - only to be still thinking about our short-lived relationship days later.