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Finding a woman who doesn’t want children

I was in a happy, mutually fulfilling marriage until last year, when my wife left me on account of the question of reproduction. You see, we entered the marriage with mutual promises never to have children; not then, not ever. And I took medical steps to ensure that fact, with my wife's full support. But unbeknownst to me, slowly she started to change her preferences, and when they reached a crescendo, she decided that divorce and single-motherhood are preferable to a childless marriage. While I'm sorry to have seen our marriage collapse, I've moved on, bear no grudge against my former wife, and am emotionally enthused about reentering the dating pool.

I want a woman who doesn’t want children

I am a man in my late 20's who has never wanted kids. My major problem in finding women is that most believe that breeding is a part of the relationship progression and I do not. Children to me are creating a new relationship and changing the dynamic between the man and the woman. Where can I find women who don't want kids?