body language

Okay, I’m radiant. Now what?

I’m shy. I would rather the man make the first move (for both approaching, asking for a date, and physical affection). However, it seems if I leave it up to him, I don’t seem to get approached. Even when I … Continued

How do I appear more approachable?

When I walk into a room full of people, I'd like to give an impression that would attract the smart, interesting ones. I often avoid public events because I feel self-conscious entering alone. I'd like to be able to attend gatherings without feeling that I appear lonely, fearful, dumb or shy. Can you rid me of this old unpleasant feeling? It seems all I've done in adulthood to overcome it is to adapt a cold, aloof appearance (so I've been told.) I always make friends I enjoy, eventually, but would rather speed up the process!