How to meet people in Victoria

Dear Lisa,

I’m a man in my early 30s and I’ve heard that Victoria is a difficult place to meet women. Now that I’ve arrived, it feels like everyone is playing hide and go seek. How do I avoid being that kid who never gets found?

–Marco (♂ Victoria)


Dear Marco,

I too have heard that it is difficult to meet people in Victoria, but it hasn’t been my experience. Whether you fancy gamers or hipsters on fixies, the easiest way to meet people with the same interests as you is to get involved in a group of people doing what you enjoy. And even if you don’t meet her there, you might meet the person who will introduce you! But, it falls on you to get yourself out there though! Here are some of my suggestions:

See! Victoria’s not half bad for a social scene! There are also plenty of gyms, community centers, churches, sports teams/leagues, men’s and women’s groups as well as the ever popular Meet-Up groups in Victoria. Love to hear any of your suggestions in the comments. Now git!

– Lisa



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  1. RL

    Victoria BC Canada has a long reputation for being very cliquey, uptight, and aloof is all things. You can join whatever group you want, but it is all just business, nothing personal. Everyone is nice to your face and then forget you even matter after the business gets done. Everyone goes back to their cold, distant, loner existence after whatever event is over. There is something very wrong with Greater Victoria culture (economy, politics, social life) and you all can read the comments on web sites like Topix (on victoria, is victoria a nice place to live?, etc), Yahoo News article comments, and other web sites. Victoria is like trying to mine for gold in a region with no gold ore. You can dig as hard as you like, but there is nothing for you to dig up.

    • Lisa Hislop

      Hey RL, I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t had a good experience dating and making friends in Victoria. I do occasionally hear similar complaints from people who are new to the city, but then I hear similar things about other cities too! If you’re just venting here, great, I get that and I hope that getting your experience off your chest has helped. If you want to make a change though, I recommend starting with yourself. It might not be comfortable to step back and look at things objectively, but I encourage you to examine your part in the interactions you’ve had. Are all of them the issue, or is it more likely that there is something going on with you that’s making it hard for you to connect on a personal level? Hope that helps, L.


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