Dating Site Drama

Dear Lisa,

I know you’re philosophy on women taking a mans number, but I think I might have found a loophole! A man that I have been chatting with on a dating site sent me a message saying that he is sick of the drama of the online dating scene, so he’s leaving the site and closing his account. He said that he really enjoys talking to me though, and gave me his number, saying that I should give him a call.

I am staring at his number. I want to call it. Help!

–Rules Hiatus ( ♀ )


Dear Rules Hiatus,

Okay. First, if he had any interest in you, he wouldn’t be chatting with you on a dating site for longer than a couple of clicks of the send button. I’m sure you know exactly what men do with women they have on the back burner?

Second, this man is turning the oldest trick in the book; he is too shy to ask for your number, so he’s creating an environment based on scarcity. It’s as though you are talking to a car salesman and he goes to the back to talk to his boss, returning with the lowest price they have ever asked for a green Smart Car, but only if you sign that day. I guarantee you that in two weeks he will be back on the site, and he probably won’t even have changed his pseudonym. Third, there is no loop-hole. Anywhere. Ever.

My suggestion: delete that email and stop ‘chatting’ with men online. If they don’t ask you for your number on the third message back and forth, put ’em at the bottom of the pile.
You’re worth more than that,

– Lisa



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