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The idea that relationships are hard work is bullshit. Rather, I trust that your relationships will take care of themselves if you take responsibility for yourself. If you learn how to deal with your baggage, communicate effectively in the moment and engage with the primal dynamics of sexual attraction, you and your lady will spend your time focusing on what you want to create together. Until you make this a priority, you’re going to spend your time blaming your ex girlfriends for the crap you refuse to own and telling everyone that your city is bereft of ‘good ones’, ad infinitum.

If you resonate with that, we’ll probably get along great. If in doubt, you can get a pretty solid idea of how I deal with clients from the Q & A.

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About Me

Lisa Laughing
Photo by Jeff Maciejko
As every dating coach does, I was inspired to help others face their relationship issues with my very own sufficiently nauseating story of how I didn’t get love, then got it (which I will spare you, you’re welcome). I soon became unsatisfied with what I knew and thirsty for what I didn’t. So, I began to fill the holes that my previous training in body work, yoga, meditation, community building and personal development couldn’t.

I began to read and research what I had observed in my work with men, women and couples and eventually narrowed in on three key areas of study: personal development through The Enneagram and coaching mentorship under Gay & Katie Hendricks; interpersonal development using Marshal Rosenburg’s NonViolent Communication model; and more recently I’ve had the incredible opportunity to explore the theory of relationship polarity with David Deida’s Student Michaela Boehm. In 2014 I made the decision to focus my practice on helping single men make the leap I described above.

When I’m not meddling in your love life, I’m usually making something – music, art, love or trouble. I’m head over heels for a handsome, bearded man who makes me laugh and I wish I had a dog. What’s your story?