Friday’s Post: Glorious Friday


It is a suspiciously effulgent day today for November on the West Coast and promises to only get more so over the weekend. Nothing to make the day go faster than sun induced productivity! In that spirit, here are today’s ten.

Autumn Butterfly Leaves

  1. As promised, the winning post for October’s call for Ask Lisa submissions is…How Do I Stay Connected During a Fight submitted by The Runner. The Runner is entitled to 20% off any of my services – please contact me as your submission didn’t include an email address!
  2. 2009 stats of Victoria’s card carrying singles. Clearly the place to be if you’re interested in meeting Mr. or Ms. Right.
  3. Proof that we do have our collective head on straight… You know my views on texting. But in case you have a lapse of judgementat least consider this site before you text ladies!
  4. Useful handout of the week, from the work of Diana Chapman, Radical Selfishness (PDF)
  5. In the same vein: terribly callous yet beautifully honest advice. (Warning: very few words don’t contain f and c) Ahhh Reddit.
  6. Rachel Machacek’s advice to lonely men.
  7. For the men: How a shirt should fit… and pants… and everything from shoes to pocket squares.
  8. If there is ONE THING that will make you an amazing boyfriend, it is the ability to really listen. The Art of Manliness spills the beans on how to listen up.
  9. This week’s read-a-long… Why Men Love Bitches: From Doormat to Dreamgirl – A Woman’s Guide to Holding Her Own in Relationships by Sherry Argov
  10. Looking for more distractions this Friday? Gala’s got your back.
  11. And finally… today’s tip: Put your phone away. Go out into public; walk around downtown, go for tea with a friend, take a bath, go to the bar WITHOUT it. It will wrinkle your brain. Have a funtastik weekend.

  1. Style

    Hey, I like the style advice articles… and I had no idea there were so many single people in Victoria…. I should approach more women and assume less about their availability…

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